KULMUN 2019 Applications

Chair Applications

Chair applications are now closed. Thank you to all applicants!

Delegate Applications

All delegate application waves are now closed! Thank you to all applicants!

Delegate Applications

Welcome Prospective Delegate of KULMUN 2019!

It doesn’t matter which MUN conference you attend, the delegates are engine running the debates. It’s their motivation, planning and skills that determine the proceedings and results of the committees.

For over 8 years, the KULMUN association has had the privilege to host an intriguing mix of dedicated students from all over the world. KULMUN 2019 will be our 9th conference, set to take place from Tuesday 5 to Saturday 9 March 2019 in the wonderful city of Leuven, Belgium. We will also be hosting a pre-conference activity on Monday 4 March 2019.

All application waves are closed.

Note: Students must have finished secondary education in order to register for KULMUN 2019, regardless of age and study area.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you there!

The KULMUN Conference Team

Pre-Conference Activity

All spots have been taken

During the Pre-conference, participating delegates will be submerged into the fabrics of the European Union as we will visit the heart of the EU in Brussels. The House of European History displays the unique history of Europe as it has a interesting collection that shows both how European History is wildly diverse and how it also contains many parts that are commonly shared by all Europeans.

Close to the House of European History you can find the immense complex of the European Parliament Building. Therefore, besides its history, we shall also experience European politics as they are right now and how they might change in the future.