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Conference organisation

Dear delegate, on this webpage you will find all organizational aspects of the conference activities, like timetables, venues and socials. You will receive a personal, printed-out guide on your registration on Tuesday 4th between 10:00-13:00 at the University Hall on the Naamsestraat 22.


Venues & Addresses


Tuesday 5/3: pub crawl or city tour

Let’s explore KULMUN’s home base, Leuven, on this first night of KULMUN 2019. Whether you prefer getting to know the best party spots or the prettiest hidden sides of the city, you can join us during a pub crawl or in a tour around town.

Meeting will be at 9 pm at Oude markt (pub crawl) or Martelarenplein (city tour)
Dress code: casual (recommandation: DO NOT wear heels)

Wednesday 6/3: back to the nineties party (proud to be fout)

Back in the old days everything used to better, isn’t it? That’s why we are going straight back to the nineties. Nirvana and Britney will be waiting for you to party the night away during a marvelous soiree, place to be is the Musicafé.

Be there at 9pm, dressed up like a real nineties kid and this night will certainly be lit.

Thursday 7/3: committee dinner / free partying

Committee sessions are starting to get hard, no? Do not worry, we are giving you some leeway tonight (You’re welcome!). We kick off the night with a cozy meal in one of the many restaurants spread across the city. Besides providing culinary satisfaction and some much needed energy, it will also provide you with another manner of getting to know your fellow delegates. Maybe the Honourable Delegate of Liechtenstein has a funny side, after all? After the dinner, you are free to do whatever you want (Do respect Belgian laws, please). If you can’t get enough of the partylife, you’re very warmly invited to join us at the Oude Markt.

Friday 8/3: Great Gatsby Gala & afterparty

Up for one more, old sport?

Ladies and gentlemen, you have made it to the event of the week! Dust off your fanciest suit, bring out the evening gown, shine those killer shoes and tighten up that bowtie. Why? Because you are cordially (and mandatorily) invited to our blistering ball, that is! We will kick off tonight’s festivities at the Amerikaans College (8.30 pm) for the ‘ceremonial’ half of the event. Exchange compliments and enjoy the drinks & small snacks provided by the extraordinary ExCom. (However do make sure to have eaten something before to tackle the most pressing needs)

Afterwards, we’ll keep doing what we do best: Partying! We will switch locations (Social Club on the Oude Markt, +- 5 minute walk) and give you one more occasion to practice your (diplomatic) skills on the dancefloor This is also the night to bump into some potential familiar faces as our beloved alumni’s will be there too.

Dress code: formal for the gala (‘20’s inspo) + “formal” for the afterparty