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KULMUN 2019 Theme

A World Without Frontiers,
Solutions Beyond Borders for Regional Problems Going Global

Stating that we now live in a globalised world with problems trespassing national borders sounds like a cliché. People are in fact getting accustomed to the idea that when dealing with worldwide diseases, migration flows, economic crises and global warming, frontiers are no longer relevant.

Yet, in such a peculiar moment in history in which multilateral diplomacy seems like the only viable option for regional problems going global, State leaders seek refuge within their borders, adopting short-term and blind solutions, and anchoring their speeches to a populistic rhetoric. The result of these myopic actions is a weak international framework incapable of reaching a set of so-longed-for solutions. Additionally, State leaders are unavoidably nourishing fear towards those who appear different and are adopting a selfish strategy of maximisation of national gains.

At KULMUN 2019, participants will have to overcome this short-sighted mindset and embrace a collaborative approach, seeking to maximise shared interests. They will go beyond their national walls and be assigned to different regional areas, spanning from Latin America to the African continent, from Europe to the Pacific.

The 2019 conference aims at being a voyage in search of solutions beyond borders, in which delegates, chairs and the media will be involved with pressing issues that still today remain unresolved and that affect us as citizens of the world.

What happens in Leuven will not stay in Leuven.

KULMUN 2019 Committees

During its previous 8 editions, KULMUN has always attempted to present an interesting variety of committees to its delegates. The upcoming edition will try to uphold this tradition while also coupling those committees with equally engaging topics. While some councils will focus more on conflict-solving, others will try to engage in development. Moreover we will take into account to accommodate both the seasoned veterans of many debates and the brave new souls who want to explore the wonderful world of MUNing.

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