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The KULMUN Newswire

From physical newspaper to tweets and gossip, journalists take care of it all! The Newswire is the connecting thread between the committees and its reporting is an essential source of information and inspiration for the delegates. As a journalist, your task is a challenging but immensely rewarding one. On the one hand, the aim is to think outside of the box to offer quality articles. On the other hand, you will be the master of fun as memes, funny articles, gossip and more are an integral part of the job description.

In the spirit of this year’s conference theme, the Newswire presents: ‘Global News from a Global Perspective’. As a journalist, you are the voice – or pen – of the citizens of the affected regions, so we need you to take into account the cultural background and different regional views on the topics debated upon in council. In addition, the Newswire will report multilingually to underscore the conference’s internationality.

A position as a journalist is the perfect way to experience an MUN – as a first timer or as a seasoned MUNer – with the added value of being able to use your overflowing creativity, language skills and natural enthusiasm. The Newswire will not be your regular news!

Available slots: all journalist slots have been filled


Esther Peeters

Esther is a first year Master student in Business Engineering (for Management Information Systems). She is delighted to join KULMUN for a third time. Having been a delegate and a journalist in the past, there is no better place for her debut as Editor for the Newswire than Leuven. Besides attending MUN conferences, you can find her on the dance floor. We are talking about the real deal, currently Lindy Hop and Flamenco. If not dancing then she probably is absorbed into or talking animatedly about a good book.