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The KU Leuven Model United Nations Association (KULMUN) is an organization run by KU Leuven students with a passion for debate, international politics, and connecting people with diverse opinions. We participate in various international Model UN conferences in Europe and offer a wide range of training activities for our members, allowing them to sharpen their skills and soft skills for debate, negotiation, and public speaking. We welcome both experienced MUN participants and students who have never heard of MUN to give everyone a fair chance.


Additionally, we annually organize our own MUN conference in Leuven, known as the best in Belgium. The conference is open to everyone, but our target audience is primarily students aged 18-27.

​If you want to know more about us, and how to support us download our sponsor brochure!

A partnership with KULMUN provides companies with a unique opportunity to increase their visibility and build a strong brand association within the academic community. As an organization, we have close ties with KU Leuven, one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, making a collaboration with KULMUN a direct gateway to this prestigious network. Additionally, our association consists of motivated and ambitious students representing a diversity of academic disciplines, creating an excellent audience for companies to engage with. Leveraging our strong alumni network, companies can reach current students and graduates already positioned in various sectors and roles.

This sponsorship opportunity allows companies to showcase their commitment to education, innovation, and the development of young talent while benefiting from exposure and positive associations with a dynamic and influential community.


Understanding that each company has unique needs and objectives, we aim for flexible and personalized partnerships. We are open to collaborating on networking events that provide a platform for sponsors to present themselves, build relationships, and promote their brand in an impactful way. Our goal is to create a win-win situation where both KULMUN and our sponsors benefit from a fruitful and long-lasting collaboration.

Why Sponsor Us

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KULMUN operates entirely with a team of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. While costs are partly covered by participant fees, we rely on the support of some fantastic external partners. If we were to pass on the full cost of the simulation and other activities to our participants, the participation fee would increase significantly. This goes against our mission to be an open and accessible project "for the many, not the few."

Therefore, we turn to you: your donation is essential for the long-term sustainability of the KULMUN project. Through a simple contribution, you can help KULMUN grow as an organization, contribute to providing a platform for the diplomats and policymakers of tomorrow, and showcase your company within the KU Leuven student community.

​*Tax certificate available


To ensure long-term visibility for certain sponsors, we also offer multi-year sponsorship packages. These are packages that you can commit to over several years at a lower cost. The longer you choose to be our partner, the lower the initial cost. This allows you to guarantee your commitment and involvement as a partner, and we can work closely with you throughout the years. This provides a guarantee of continuity for our project on one hand and an inspiring role for your project on the other.


Below, you will find our four sponsorship packages along with their multi-year variants. We provide room for the creation of tailored contracts after consultation. Additionally, we are open to entering into an exclusivity contract if desired. For this, you can contact our sponsorship coordinator, Alicia Dobronte, at



For sponsorship under 500 euros, we provide: 

  • Mention in communication sent to registered participants in advance; 

  • Logo mention on Instagram in a thank-you post after the conference; 

  • Opportunity to distribute promotional materials (i.e., gadgets, flyers, etc.) in the welcome packages of the participants 

​No Multi-Year Package



For sponsorship starting from 500 euros, we additionally provide:

  • Logo mention on the website; 

  • Logo mention in all promotional materials of the conference;

  • Logo mention in all communication to (prospective) participants and alumni;

  • Logo mention on Istagram in a thank-you after the conference. 

Multi-Year Package: 

  • 2 years (> 450 euro)

  • ​3 years (> 400 euro)


For sponsorship starting from 1,000 euros, we additionally provide:

  • Logo mention on the website;

  • Mention in all communication to (prospective) participants and alumni. 

  • Logo mention on Facebook and Instagram in a separate thank-you post after the conference.

  • Banner presence during the simulation (if provided)

Multi-year package: 

  • 2 years (>950 euro)

  • 3 years (>900 euro)




For sponsorship starting from 2000 euros, we additionally provide: 

  • Logo mention on the website.

  • Mention in all promotional materials of the conference in a larger display than that of other sponsorship packages 

  • Logo mention in all communication to (prospective) particiants and alumni.

  • Logo mention on Facebook and Instagram in a separate thank-you post after the conference.

  • Logo mention in the Facebook banner of all open events.

  • Logo mention on posts and emails promoting our events.

  • Banner presence during the conference (if provided) 

  • Explicit mention in the opening and closing speeches of our youth event.

  • Opportunity to present you company or show a video during the closingg ceremony of our conference. 

  • Opportunity to advertise you open events and recruitments events to our members and alumni. 

  • Opportuninity to introduce your company at our annual networking event. 

  • Opportunity to build relationships with our members and alumni, including organizing a joint networking event open to alumni and KU Leuven students from faculties of you choice. 

  • Opportunity to develop an in-depth collaboration with a personalized contract through mutual agreement. 

Multi-Year Packages:

  • 2 years (>1900 euros)

  • ​3 years(>1700 euros)


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KULMUN Conference 2024 Sponsors 

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Tiensestraat 41, 3000 Leuven

​Box. 3046

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Thanks for your support!

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