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Membership applications are closed!


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The application process is made up of two phases, the first being a written phase and the second an interview phase.  Once you have carefully read the information below and ensure you satisfy the pre-requisites you may submit your application.






If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Follow our social media to receive a notification when applications have openened    

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Note that these requirements do not apply for attendance at our conference as membership is not required to attend. KULMUN does not have a large number of prerequisites though the following requirements are the minimum required to apply:

  • Applicants must either be a student of KU Leuven or on Erasmus in KU Leuven (Erasmus students who are only staying for the first semester are welcome to join as well.)

  • Applicants must have proficiency in English: We do not require a specific level of English but being able to conduct all conversations in English is essential.


What We Look For

Although we do not have a long list of specific prerequisites we look for certain qualities in new members:

  • We do not focus on how much experience in MUN you have: We accept both seasoned MUNers and people who have never heard of the term MUN in their life. What matters to us is not what your current level of experience is but where you want to end up. We provide trainings to allow persons of any level of experience to make the most of their membership.

  • You do not require a massive amount of initial knowledge of international politics: As with MUN experience it is more important to us that you have the desire to learn than existing knowledge.

  • You should show a high level of motivation: It goes without saying that we look for motivated members regardless of their level of experience. This is the most important quality to our organisation as with this we can help you learn the rest with great effect.

Member Expectations

Once you have become a member we have a few expectations such as attendance to our weekly training sessions. These Weekly training sessions take place on Tuesday's at 8 pm, of course missing a training on occasion due to other obligations is no problem, as long as you inform our training manager ahead of time so we can plan ahead.

As well as this we expect members to attend KULMUN's annual conference. (for more information on our conference click here.) Of course, the exception to this are Erasmus students who are only here for the first semester or if a member has a reason for not attending.



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First Phase

This phase will require applicants to submit a curriculum vitae, a motivation letter and a short essay on any topic in the realm of international politics. All three documents must be in a single pdf document when uploading it to the online form.

  • Curriculum vitae: Your CV can be a maximum of one page. As well as your credentials it should include a small photo of yourself along with your contact information.

  • Motivation letter: Your motivation letter should include why you wish to join our association and what qualities and skills make you an ideal choice. Your motivation letter can be one page long at most.

  • Short essay:  The short essay can be on any topic relevant to international politics and may take any form you'd like whether it be a straight forward explanation of a particular topic or your opinion of it. Please note that the purpose of this essay is not to test how knowledgable you are on international politics but your motivation to learn as well as your analytical skills. There is no specific requirement in terms of formating. Your essay can be one and a half pages max.

Second Phase

When you pass the first phase of selection you will receive an invitation to be interviewed by our secretary, a member of the executive board, two members of our governing board and a unbiased third-party representative of the KU Leuven. No preparation is required


Final decision

You will be informed via email whether or not you have been selected as a member. If you are not selected you are more than welcome to attend our conference or our various open events throughout the year.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions via email or by direct message on our social media. Follow our social media to receive a notification once our application has opened.

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Our Membership Applications are closed!  

If you missed the applications but you still want to participate in some way, you can do so by joining our very own conference in March (5-9th 2024).

For more information on the conference, check out conference site: 

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