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Find everything you need to know about KULMUN and what we do right here:

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The Association

Learn about how the organisation is run and organised, what activities its members do. In this section, you will find the mission statement of KULMUN which is the core objective of our association. Learn more about our members and the association as a whole. 

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The Executive Board

Meet and get in touch with the dedicated students who are responsible for running the organization and delivering the best experience possible to its members. The Executive Board is the body of KULMUN tasked with the daily operations of the organization. All members have the opportunity to be elected to the Executive Board.

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The Governing Board

Get to know the group of alumni responsible for the long-term vision of KULMUN, guiding its Executive Board. The Governing Board is an indispensable part of KULMUN, assisting the Executive Board in successfully concluding the academic year. They provide essential financial and organizational support to the organization.

MUN Awards

Although KULMUN does not focus on winning MUN conferences and receiving awards, our thorough training and preparation have proven effective. As a result, our members have brought home numerous awards. Learn more about our achievements at various conferences.

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Meet our alumni and discover how their time in KULMUN has contributed to their career development. We have gathered four testimonials from our alumni about their experiences in the organization. We are confident that being part of KULMUN is highly beneficial.

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