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Meet the KULMUN Alumni 

KULMUN has a lot of successful alumni who work all over the world, in diverse fields. Some of them became diplomats, some others lawyers or IT specialists.  One sure thing is that KULMUN has contributed in some way to all the different careers. Soft skills acquired during the conferences abroad, the training but also the social skills necessary to make friends all over the world are useful for all careers whatever the interests are. Found out more about what the alumni has to say: 

Read what alumni have to say about their life post-KULMUN and how it impacted their career 


Janne Decresson


I work as a youth recruitment officer at the Platform for Society Service. I inform people and all professionals working with young people about the possibility of doing a service to the society. I am also a board member of YOUCA vzw. All the public speaking exercised at KULMUN was very helpful for my current job and improved my English and and my interest in intercultural interest. 


Eva Rito Silva

Eva is originally from Lisbon but moved to Leuven for her Master's in European Studies. She joined KULMUN in 2021 and was later also part of the executive board.  This experience deepened her knowledge of the EU and UN and improved her public speaking skills. This was very useful as she started working as an EU Affairs Junior Consultant focusing on sustainable finance and corporate governance.

EU Affairs Junior Consultant 


Karen Peel

Belgian Ministry of Economy

My name is Karen and I was a Kulmun member from 2019-2021. I’m currently working at the Belgian Ministry of Economy for the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU, where I’m part of the digital policy team. I work mainly on the AI Act, where I focused on the negotiations in the Council and now on the Belgian implementation of the AI Act. I cherish fond memories of Kulmun and still enjoy the alumni get-togethers. Needless to say, Kulmun helped me get where I am today. The broad network, the trainings and conferences prepared me well to work in a political and international context.


Tamara Avetisyan

Bernheim intern at the permanent representation of Belgium to the EU and the Belgian office of Foreign Affairs

Hi! I was active in KULMUN for a total of three years (from 2021-2023), one of which as Secretary & Socials and one as Vice President. After my final year as VP in KULMUN, I started as a Bernheim intern right before the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU.  I spent four months at the permanent representation of Belgium to the EU and six months at the at the Belgian office of Foreign Affairs. My board experience in KULMUN contributed to a smooth transition from student to work life, and allowed me to feel confident in my daily work among Belgium's diplomats.

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