March 8 - March 12

         Belgium's best Model United Nations conference




KULMUN2022: Novel approaches to Enduring Issues: Aiming to Shape the Future

March 8 - March 12

The KULMUN conference of 2022 is all about coming up with new solutions to face globally threatening, constantly recurring problems. Think about issues such as climate change, political instability, economic crises... While we hope to near the end of a world-wide pandemic, we ought to look for new opportunities to rebuild and improve our societies. It is up to the diplomats and politicians of tomorrow to cooperate and tackle these global challenges.

In 2022 we will organize our very first hybrid conference. Since we all long for in-person events, most of our committees will be organized in real life during our physical conference in Leuven. However, the ongoing pandemic taught us that online platforms offer great opportunities to overcome time and space. That is why the 2022 conference team decided to organize the UNESCO committee as a digital committee. Unlike the in-person conference, this committee will last from March 10 to March 12. Because of this online option, you no longer have to miss out on our conference due to time or travel constraints. Find out more about our digital UNESCO committee on the 'Topics and Committees'-webpage.

Discover the hybrid conference

What is KULMUN?

The KULMUN conference is Belgium's premium MUN conference, a reputation fostered through 10 years of experience. Our conference aims to simulate the diplomatic work of the United Nations by debating a range of international issues using the same procedures as the real UN. Each year we have delivered an incredible conference and this year is set to be even better. 

Open to anyone

Whether you are a seasoned MUNer or if you have never attended an MUN conference, we welcome everyone to attend. We offer committees for every skill level. You may attend no matter what country you study in or what your study is.  Our main concern is not your level of experience in MUN and international politics, but your interest and motivation in participating.

Kick start your career

With KULMUN's reputable name and its attachment to KU Leuven, Belgium's highest-ranked university,  your participation in this conference will show employers both your willingness and ability to  expand your skill set in negotiation, mediation,  communication, leadership, adaptability and so much more. The skills honed at the KULMUN conference are essential for any career path and so our conference can greatly bolster your resume.

Engage in a variety of interesting and relevant international issues

KULMUN2022 gives its participants the opportunity to learn and engage in active debate on the worlds most pressing issues. Last year for example, we featured six committees which discussed a wide range of fascinating topics including climate related diaspora, the crisis in Libya, the rising challenges facing NATO and so much more.

Connected to Belgium's oldest and most prestigious university

KU Leuven has maintained its place as one of the world's highest-ranking universities and is also one of the oldest.  This certainly elevates our conference thanks to the universities support and endorsement.

Discover the buzzing student vibes in the charming city of Leuven

We are thrilled to announce that KULMUN2022 will be a physical conference! As the global pandemic is slowly quieting down, we are preparing to welcome you all in Leuven for a week of real-life debates and unforgettable social events. It is evident that we closely monitor the Covid situation and will adhere to all safety measures, but we strongly believe that we will be able to party like never before during the KULMUN conference in March 2022! As stated above, there will also be the option to participate in an online committee from March 10 to March 12.

Meet new people and make meaningful connections

KULMUN organizes a variety of fantastic socials allowing participants to connect and meet people from around the world. The KULMUN conference will give you the chance to participate in a truly international community to make meaningful connections and long lasting friendships with people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds.

Something for everyone

No matter what your career aspirations are, your experience level, background or country of origin, the KULMUN conference will have something for everyone. From advancing your career by bolstering your resume, to meeting like-minded or opposite minded persons to connect with or just a plain and simple enjoyment for a good debate and an interest in international politics everyone can enjoy our conference.


The KULMUN conference, Belgium's best model united nations conference. Find everything you need to know here. The following is a summary of some key information you might need:

  • Date: March 8 - March 12, 2022

    • Note: The digital UNESCO​ committee takes place from March 10 to March 12.

  • Number of delegates: Approximately 150 split into 6 committees

  • Platform: Hybrid conference 

  • Note: You do not need to be a member of the KULMUN association or a student of KU Leuven to participate.

More information regarding chair and delegate applications, topics and  committees will follow soon. To keep up to date with any announcements, follow us on social media!

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