Meet our executive board

The executive board is responsible for the daily running of the organisation, from organizing trainings, socials, managing public relations and so on. Feel free to contact any one of the members should you have questions.



Kean Ooi

Email: kean.ooi@kulmun.be

Kean has been a dedicated MUNer since high school and joined the KU Leuven Model United Nations Association in 2018. He has attended MUN conferences in Singapore, Qatar, Brunei, Germany, Madrid and of course Belgium. He has had a strong background in working in international environments being a half Belgian, half Chinese, raised in Malaysia who studied in an International school. He is currently in his second year of Business. Kean's interests include astronomy and dancing salsa badly.


As president, Kean is responsible for leading the executive board along with the vice president and generating a broader vision for the association. He often assists all members of the board with their tasks when needed and organizes other projects aimed at improving the association workings or to diversify its member’s experience. Currently Kean has been aiming to improve how the executive board works by restructuring the associations long term goals and the way we document and track our activities to more effectively learn from our past failures and successes. Kean has also aimed to increase KULMUN’s local presence in the Leuven community and increase the diversity of experiences we offer our members.


Vice President

Emily Reyes

Email: emily.reyes@kulmun.be


An international context has always been very familiar to Emily. As, while growing up, she interacted with two different cultures from her parents. One being Belgian and the other being Filippino. Even though going to school in Belgium, her Asian side has always had a large influence on her. Therefore joining an international and diverse association was the exact right atmosphere for Emily to spend her time as a student.

Having a sincere passion for international relations and diplomacy, being vice president at KULMUN gives her chances to practice her passion by giving trainings to help other students grow to their full potential. As she found KULMUN an amazing experience for herself and she wishes to give something back to the association. Therefore she will always be approachable for questions or feedback for members and anyone interested in our association.


Conference Manager

Alexander Pessers

Email: alexander.pessers@kulmun.be

Born and raised in Leuven, Alexander’s seen every nook and crany of our beatufull and historic city. As an undertaking and assertive ‘Leuvenaar’ Alexander has been involved in many different organization in Leuven and has an extraordinary amount of experience organizing events in the city. As co-founder of ‘Nachtplan’, Alexander has contributed to a more qualitative and diverse nightlife and as charman of Fabrik helped put youth culture of Leuven on the map through an annual Arts- and culture festival. With this profile you can be confident that Alex will piece together an excellent conference this year. Last year Alexander got pulled into KULMUN in his second bachelor year of political science and couldn’t wait to contribute to the amazing organization by joining the executive board. Taking this challenge and opportunity by the horns, Alexander look forward to be at your service this year.


Vice Conference Manager

Sofie Haljan

Email: sofie.haljanschoors@kulmun.be

Sofie is a master of History student, with a profound love for international relations and politics. Since joining KULMUN in October 2018, she has been to multiple conferences as a delegate and has chairing experiences planned for the future. Her motivation, knowledge and positive spirit result in making her the life of both the committee and the parties at any conference she attends. Even more at her favorite conference of all time, our very own KULMUN conference, so lucky for us, after an amazing year as Treasurer, Sofie is this year’s Vice Conference Manager.


Together with Conference Manager Alexander, she strives to make KULMUN2021 the best edition yet, whether it is online or in person. If you are in Leuven, you’ll probably find Sofie in a library hunched over her books, writing her thesis. Or at least we hope, since it is more likely you’ll find her at a bar, lighting up the room and proudly announcing – probably for the fifth time that evening - that she also has the Canadian nationality.


Secretary & Socials

Wendy Dewit

Email: wendy.dewit@kulmun.be

Our Secretary, Wendy Dewit, has always loved to organize events for her fellow students. Back in her high school years, she not only organized her schools' 100-days celebration but was also the president of her school council on top of being a part of her city's student council. But the bug of politics had also bitten her from a young age, shown by her participating in the KRAS project.

That politics bug never let go of her, resulting in her starting a degree in political sciences at the KULeuven.

She joined KULMUN in her first bachelor and has fallen in love with this beautiful organisation. As the secretary, she will be the primary contact point for members to reach out to, and will be ready to help any members with anything!



Lorencia Poçi

Email: lorencia.poci@kulmun.be

Lorencia, also known as Lori, was born in a very diverse and international family and grew up with that mindset. Therefore, it was just a matter of time until she realized cooperation goes beyond borders and she developed an interest for international politics and diplomacy.


KULMUN embodied both her mindset and interests so joining seemed only perfectly natural to her. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has inspired her to enroll in the Master of Information Management after her degree in Business Economics which she is also finishing up right now.


Meanwhile, she vastly believes in improving the KULMUN experience even more by ensuring a work-life-&-fun balance for and with the whole group. Lori believes forging friendships while discovering new interests such as MUN’ing is the key to success.


Public Relations & Partnerships

Olivier Van Poppel

Email: olivier.vanpoppel@kulmun.be

From a very young age, Olivier has been interested by the world of politics and policy. In his primary school years, he was Hasselts' children's councilor for the environment. Later in his high school days, he participated in the Model European parliament project, where he has been a delegate, committee president and a member of the presidency.  After finding a love for the European Union during these MEP conferences, Olivier had a hunger for something he knew nothing about.

Olivier Joined KULMUN in 2018 and quickly fell in love with the organisation. He went to conferences in England, Spain and to KULMUN's very own conference. After all of these experiences with the amazing members of KULMUN, he decided to try and join the executive board.

As the PR and partnerships representative, Olivier is responsible for the public image of the organisation. His aim is to maximise the reach of KULMUNs advertisings efforts and to make sure we can connect with new partners. His role in forming new partnerships is essential, and he hopes to form many new collaborative efforts with a diverse set of organisations.

Besides KULMUN, Olivier is a huge fan of Model painting / model war gaming, specifically Warhammer 40K miniatures, and the latest and greatest in video gaming.



Ward Wuyts

Email: ward.wuyts@kulmun.be

International politics have always been at the forefront of Ward’s interests. Studying political science, and now in his masters Comparative and International politics, he himself has always been committed a career within Diplomacy. In this capacity he joined Kulmun, to make more friends, to know more about the world and to work on his soft skills.

Being an experienced member Ward desired to do even more for this organisation and was elected to be the fundraiser. In this capacity he will be in charge of the KULMUN and conference funding, but besides that he will always be available for whatever problem or challenge you might face. He’s committed to making sure this year will be the best KULMUN has ever had.