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Meet our executive board

The executive board is responsible for the daily running of the organisation, from organizing trainings, socials, managing public relations and so on. Feel free to contact any one of the members should you have questions.

Wendy Dewit

Email: wendy.dewit@kulmun.be

Our President, Wendy Dewit, has always loved to organize events for her fellow students. Back in her high school years, the bug of politics had bitten her from a young age. She participated in multiple debating projects and discovered her passion for negotiations and policy-making. That politics bug never let go of her, resulting in her starting a degree in political sciences at the KU Leuven. She joined KULMUN in her first bachelor and has fallen in love with this beautiful organisation.


Last year, Wendy got her first experience in the Executive Board as KULMUN's Secretary. She connected with our members and supported them during their first virtual KULMUN experiences.  As president, she will be representing the association and will be first point of contact for general inquiries.


Vice President
Kean Ooi

Email: kean.ooi@kulmun.be


Kean has been a dedicated MUNer since high school and joined the KU Leuven Model United Nations Association in 2018. He has attended MUN conferences in Singapore, Qatar, Brunei, Germany, Madrid and of course Belgium. He has had a strong background in working in international environments being a half Belgian, half Chinese, raised in Malaysia who studied in an International school. Kean is currently in his final year of studying Business and Marketing. His interests include astronomy and dancing salsa badly.


As vice president, Kean works in tandem with the president in creating and achieving KULMUN's strategic goals. As well as this, Kean is responsible for creating and giving weekly workshops, being one of KULMUN's staple activities that it's known for. This year Kean is aiming to further professionalize the association through a more strategic and well documented approach to planning KULMUN's long term future, and through an improvement in its already great workshops.

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Conference Manager
Emily Reyes

Email: emily.debuyserreyes@kulmun.be

An international context has always been very familiar to Emily since she grew up interacting with two different cultures from her parents - one being Belgian and the other being Filipina. Even though she went to school in Belgium, her Asian side has always had a large influence on her. Therefore joining an international and diverse association was the exact right atmosphere for Emily to spend her time as a student.


Having a sincere passion for international relations and diplomacy, she immediately felt at home in the MUN community. Her elaborate conference experience will come in handy now that she's KULMUN's conference manager. Organizing Belgium's best conference will give her the chance to practice her passion whilst helping other students grow to their full potential and share the love for the world of MUN. Emily always had the best experience at previous KULMUN conferences and she wishes to give something back to the association and all future KULMUN participants. Therefore she will always be approachable for questions or feedback to anyone interested in our association.


Vice Conference Manager
Jonathan Vukaj 

Email: jonathan.vukaj@kulmun.be

There is no origin story to Jonathan’s interest in international politics and diplomacy. Some speculate his Albanian roots play a role, while others believe his law studies are the decisive factor. One thing is certain: Jonathan ended up joining the KULMUN association in 2020, after having only participated in one MUN.


He caught the MUN-virus ever since and participated in MUNs in various European cities such as Prague and Ljubljana. Evidently these happened online, which was very much appreciated by Jonathan’s unimpressive savings account.


Do not worry though: his greediness will not affect the 2022 KULMUN conference. Jonathan likes to spend well on parties. As the Vice Conference Manager, he will ensure that delegates can relax after a long day of debating. Having a great time and making new friends is what the KULMUN experience is all about. Together with Emily, this year’s conference team has one goal: making KULMUN2022 an unforgettable edition!

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Secretary & Socials
Tamara Avetisyan

Email: tamara.avetisyan@kulmun.be

Tamara Avetisyan was bitten by the MUN-bug ever since she attended the KULMUN Conference in 2020. It was then that she first heard about KULMUN and realized she wanted to be part of the association. She is an Armenian who was born and raised in Antwerp, Belgium and who has a strong interest in international politics, especially those of the Caucasus region. Tamara has always found it incredibly important to submerge herself in diverse environments and she is committed to further strengthening the diverse community of KULMUN members.


Throughout her law studies she discovered a passion for public constitutional law which she will be fully committing to during her Master of Law studies at the KUL. As evidenced by some of her previous engagements (her favourite being a devoted PAL tutor for first year law students), socializing and meeting new people has always been a source of energy for her.


Tamara believes that feeling comfortable and at home in the association is one of the most valuable experiences KULMUN has to offer, and she is very eager to guide our members throughout their MUNing journey.


Fausto Zeevaert

Email: fausto.zeevaert@kulmun.be

Fausto is a history student born and raised in the lovely province of Limburg. He caught an interest in international politics and diplomacy since high school. After becoming a member of KULMUN in 2018, Fausto has visited multiple conferences and he always loved to help the association out wherever it was necessary. KULMUN has been a family to Fausto to which he wants to contribute as much as possible. This he does now by organizing the finances of the organisation as treasurer. As he used to be active as treasurer for the student association Mecenas in 2020-2021, Fausto has a lot of experience in the field. 

Apart from KULMUN, Fausto is a big fan of Age of Empires 2 and strategy games in general, as well as a good session of Dungeons and Dragons.

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Public Relations & Partnerships
Sofie De Baere

Email: sofie.debaere@kulmun.be

Interested in everything that moves societies, Sofie is a dedicated history student based in Leuven. Her passion for international relations and debate stems from her participation in several high school debating projects, such as Model European Parliament and KRAS. As she was an active member of her high school’s student council, Sofie always loved to organize events within a strong community.


With this background, Sofie felt immediately at home when she joined the KULMUN family in 2020. She made amazing new friends and loved improving her soft skills through the diverse training sessions.


As KULMUN’s PR & Partnerships officer, Sofie is thrilled to share her love for the association with the greater public. She will work hard to spread KULMUN’s name and good reputation. Next to taking care of the association’s online identity and public image, she will reach out to local and international partners in order to foster the rich KULMUN network. 


Manon Duymelinck

Email: manon.duymelinck@kulmun.be​

Manon is a 20 year-old law student with an affinity for international politics and everything that comes with it. After joining the association in her first year at the KUL, Manon instantly felt like she had found a passion and some lifelong friends within MUN’ing. Mainly because MUN’ing is about much more than just debating, it’s about growing, learning and having fun while you’re at it.


As this year’s fundraising manager, that is also the image Manon wants to convey to our sponsors. KULMUN is no dorky debate club. It’s an eventful, fun and overall rewarding student association which promotes a world of cooperation and respect. When she’s not busy with KULMUN, you can often find Manon at the local pool, hanging out with friends or dancing her heart out at some nice Leuven bar.