Meet our executive board

The executive board is responsible for the daily running of the organisation, from organizing trainings, socials, managing public relations and so on. Feel free to contact any one of the members should you have questions.


Lennert Houbrechts



Being a politics student, Lennert has had a passion for international politics ever since high school. This passion inevitably led to another one: Model United Nations. After joining KULMUN in 2017, MUN’ing took him by storm and one year later he became member of KULMUN’s executive board as vice-conference manager and recently he took on the challenge of becoming the new president.

Besides KULMUN, his studies brought him from his home country Belgium to many new locations he grew to love: first a semester in the lively town of Galway, Ireland and then an extended master in wonderful Iceland. Lennert is furthermore passionate for history, football, traveling, hiking and geeking out on anything Tolkien related. He is an outgoing guy who does not back down from a party, nor from a debate. As president he will try to increase KULMUN’s recognition and keep on challenging its members, he will always be happy to answer questions.


Vice President

Ilias Mohout



Just like everybody else, Ilias is a product of his environment. Being born to parents of two different cultural backgrounds, one being Belgian the other being Moroccan, it comes as no surprise that diversity is an important ingredient in this product. Spending his younger years at an international school in the Middle East, meant that Ilias has always been looking to recreate the international and diverse atmosphere of his youth. With KULMUN, he has finally found a student organization that creates such an atmosphere.


Finishing up his master’s in Business and Information Systems engineering this year, he is committed to providing top-notch trainings and helping the organization evolve further during his last year at the KU Leuven. Juggling a thesis, a vice-presidency and whatever is left of his social life won’t be easy but he remains enthusiastic and determined to bring this year to a successful end, all the while having the time of his life.


Conference Manager

Laura Dumont



As a citizen of the world, visiting nearly every corner on this planet, it is safe to say that Laura loves discovering new places, people and cultures. This open-mindedness and intercultural interest can also be found in Laura’s never fading passion for international politics, debating and proving everybody she was correct after all. During her high school years, this passion has lead her to participate in multiple Model European Parliament conferences (MEP) and Belgian youth parliaments, where she even climbed up to be the chairperson. Continuing further on this wave, she joined KULMUN during her first year at the university, which resulted in a year of fruitful debates, multiple awards and brightening everybody’s mood at the socials. Being the meticulous planner full of enthusiasm, she will take on the role of conference manager this year. For this tenth edition, Laura aims to switch things up and together with VCM Jasper Stuer, she will try to turn this into a golden anniversary edition.


If you ever need Laura, chances are you will either find her in her garden lovingly taking pictures of her rabbits or playing with her dog, or in a university library, engrossed in her textbooks and humming along to every (Eurovision) song worth singing.


Vice Conference Manager

Jasper Stuer



Jasper is a fourth year law student who will be involved in the KULMUN story for the fourth year now.  In his first year as a KULMUN member he discovered a whole new world and fell in love with the association, MUN’ing and all the people he met in KULMUN. Therefore he wanted to take the responsibility to make sure every single member would have the same experience as he had. Jasper thinks one of the strong qualities of KULMUN is the cohesion between national and international students. For him it’s unbelievable how we can establish so many good relationships with people from countries from all over the world.

As next year’s Vice Conference Manager, Jasper will provide Conference Manager Laura with logistical and substantive assistance in organizing the annual KULMUN Conference. His goal for 2019-2020 is making sure that all KULMUN 2020 delegates can experience the wonderful city of Leuven. Therefore he will strive for quality socials on beautiful locations which will make our Conference memorable!


Secretary & Socials

Glynn Cooreman



As a Law student and truly passionate traveller, Glynn’s interest in international relations, discovering new places and meeting different people has always been a given. At the age of 16, she participated in an exchange with the Tongxiang Fengming High School in China, which, combined with the summer she spent on her own in Australia at 17 and some spontaneous trips in between and many afterwards, fuelled her enthusiasm for foreign countries, their culture and politics.


Joining the KULMUN Association in her first year of university, she immediately fell in love with every aspect of MUN-ing, whether it would be the fierce debates, delightful socials, or most importantly, the friends she’s made from all over the world. As the KULMUN 2019 Conference Manager, she had the honour to organise the 9th edition of KULMUN’s very own conference.

This year, as Secretary, she aims to be the essential link between members, alumni and the Executive Board. She will do this mainly by being the main mediator in the association, responsible for the recruitment of new members and communication throughout the year. 

While she highly values hard work and dedication, she will also focus on providing the KULMUN members and alumni with the opportunity to take a break from debates and trainings by organising the various KULMUN socials! Think of Members’ Weekend, the Christmas Party, the BBQ and cantus,…


Lastly, in her little spare time, she enjoys acro yoga, terrible puns and some nice black-/speed-/thrash- or deathmetal music.



Sofie Haljan



Being proud of her double nationality - Sofie is both Belgian and Canadian - and her speaking multiple languages, such as Dutch, English, Swedish and a bit of Scottish Gaelic, it is no big surprise that Sofie joined the KULMUN student association in 2018. Her profound love for international relations and politics can be found in the courses she takes and the motivation and knowledge she brings to the meetings, trainings and debates. 

Sofie is one of those people that is so busy that you wonder how they make it work - but she does. This busy bee tutors the first year history students, plays ice hockey, managed the Historia Cursusdienst (faculty bookstore), plays the flute and so much more, bringing her everlasting enthusiasm with her everywhere she goes.
Not only her knowledge about budgeting and financials are a great contribution to KULMUN, but also her creativity and perseverance. 


If you are looking for Sofie, you will either find her behind her laptop showing off her Excel skillset and managing the budget and invoices of KULMUN in the library, or somewhere in a bar in Leuven, being the life of the party and dancing like her life depends on it.


Public Relations & Partnerships

Kean Ooi



Kean has been a dedicated MUNer since high school and joined the KU Leuven Model United Nations Association in 2018. He has attended MUN conferences in Singapore, Qatar, Brunei, Germany, Madrid and of course Belgium. He has had a strong background in working in international environments being a half Belgian, half Chinese, raised in Malaysia who studied in an International school. He is currently in his second year of Electro-mechanical engineering in the KU Leuven. Kean's interests include astronomy and salsa.


Kean is responsible for the public image of the organisation. As the head of Public Relations and Partnerships, his aim is to maximize the reach of KULMUN and to expand people's awareness of both the organisation itself and MUNing. Kean is essential in forming new partnerships to expand the diversity of experiences offered to KULMUN’s members as well as members of other organisations. This year he hopes to not only form partnerships with other MUN associations but also other organisations whose vision involves promoting multilateralism and a passion for solving international issues.



Ignace Van Den Steene



After spending the first 19 years of his life dedicated to tennis and travelling the world as a tennis player to countless countries, Ignace’s life took a surprising turn when he decided to study law. As a passionate 21-year-old law student studying at the KU Leuven, Ignace first came in contact with KULMUN at the beginning of last year and it was love at first sight. From the very first training, through the MUN-conferences in Bonn and Madrid, till the General Assembly where he got elected as fundraiser, KULMUN became his family. 


As fundraiser, he is highly motivated and dedicated to continue the work done by his predecessors and hopes to improve this organization together with an amazing group of board members. Ignace looks forward to helping organize a great year for KULMUN full of outstanding trainings and socials, topped off with our very own conference. In his search for the necessary funding for KULMUN, a lot of challenges will surely arise, but Ignace has shown throughout his life that he is ready to take these head on. He has so far attended 3 MUN-conferences as a delegate in the beautiful cities of Madrid, Bonn and Leuven. In September he’ll have the honour to be a chair for the first time in the Security Council at the conference of MALTMUN in Malta.