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Meet our Governing Board

The Governing Board consists of dedicated KULMUN alumni who stay engaged with the association's workings. The Governing Board members safeguard KULMUN's long term vision and they support the functioning of the Executive Board wherever they can. Find out more about our current Governing Board here.



Lennert Houbrechts


KULMUN has been an integral part of Lennert’s life for five years now. After two extremely gratifying years working as vice-conference manager and president, he engaged himself for the governing board in 2020. This year, Lennert is deeply honoured to serve as its chairman.

His goal will be to support the presidency with its effort towards standardisation and to assist the conference team during these challenging times.


Born and raised in Diepenbeek, Lennert quickly grew interested in international relations and enjoyed being part of organizations. Having previously graduated as a master in Comparative and International Politics, Lennert just finalized his second master in European Politics and Policies. He hopes to use his experience to contribute to a welcoming, open and professional environment. Lennert is always available to members, alumni or those interested in KULMUN for any questions or help. 

Vice president

Vice President & Secretary

Raoul Cardellini

Raoul Cardellini (they/them) is a half Italian and half German Law graduate. They first came in contact with KULMUN during their Erasmus experience at KUL, when they applied without knowing how much this association would affect their experience in Belgium and their life after that.

Once their first Erasmus came to an end, they traveled back to attend the KULMUN conference, and later on became a co-opted member, a decision fuelled by their desire to keep in contact with the association despite the distance between Leuven and their hometown. Having done so with both old and new members of KULMUN, they decided to run for a spot on the Governing Board and put their love for the association to use.

When it comes to the Governing Board itself, after serving as Secretary for the 2021-2022 working year they will now add to that position the one of Vice-President of the Governing Board and will also be in charge of the relations between the Executive Board and the Governing Board, by acting as point of contact amongst the two.

On a personal level they are an avid MUNer and enjoy every aspect of it thoroughly, which has led them to being a Delegate, a Chair and lately a Secretary-General a few times. They enjoy writing, reading and learning about space law. They are currently pursuing a second Master’s degree in European legal studies while being a Legal Trainee in Berlin and working part-time.

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Finance Manager 

Lorençia Poci

Lorencia, better known as Lori, got to know KULMUN coincidentally through a friend and she decided to register for the KULMUN 2018 conference without having any knowledge about MUN’ing. It ended up being a lovely experience where she had a wonderful time, made many new friends and learned a lot. Lori knew she wanted more. That’s why she applied and became a member of KULMUN in the next academic year.  


Lori has been a member for two years, in which she discovered multiple interests during trainings and went abroad for several conferences, PragueMUN being her absolute favourite. In her third year, she became the executive board’s treasurer in the middle of the pandemic, a unique experience for sure. As treasurer, she learned a lot about managing the legal and financial side of an organization. 

Now Lori has started the first year of her new journey: the three-year governing board mandate. This year she is taking on the role of vice president of the GB. She will be responsible for the EB-GB relations, so she can happily say she will still have the chance to be involved with all members and the EB.



Sofie Haljan Schoors

Blessed with a double nationality (Belgian-Canadian, do not worry – she will remind you) and being raised bilingual, Sofie’s interest in international relations sprouted very soon. After finishing her Master in History with a focus on contemporary history, Women’s and Indigenous rights, she is now broadening her academic horizon with studies in Comparative International Relations. Joining KULMUN, an association with that same mindset, thus seemed like a natural and perfect fit.

Since becoming a member of KULMUN in November 2018, Sofie has built an incredible MUN record, attending multiple conferences, building many friendships across borders and organizing our very own KULMUN2021. Knowing she wanted to contribute herself to the organization, she decided to join the Executive Board as treasurer (2019-2020), complementing her humanity oriented academic approach with a valuable financial base.The following year, she took on the position of Vice Conference Manager (2020-2021). Organizing an international conference in the midst of a pandemic was the perfect environment for her creativity to thrive in fast changing circumstances.

After serving two terms in the Executive Board, she now is enthusiastically committed to serve as the Finance Director of the Governing Board. During these three years she will cooperate with the Fundraisers and Treasurers to ensure a stable income for the association and improve relations with our partners on a long term base.



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