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Herman Van Rompuy - Former President of the European Council,

I believe that KULMUN promotes the values of peace, justice and human rights set out by the United Nations and the European Union in their daily life. (…) I hope that KULMUN will be supported by many others, in order to ensure its further continuation and development.

Introduction to KULMUN

Who We Are:

The KU Leuven Model United Nations Association (KULMUN) is a student-run organisation with a passion for debate, international politics and connecting with persons of diverse opinions. We attend various MUN conferences across Europe and beyond and provide a wide variety of training activities to our members, honing their skills in debate, negotiation, public speaking as well as fantastic socials for our members to bond. We accept both seasoned MUNers and those who have never heard of what a MUN is (For those who want more information on what a MUN is click here). As well as this, we host Belgium's finest annual Model United Nations Conference which is open to anyone from the public.

Our Conference #KULMUN2024

KULMUN Membership Applications 


KULMUN conducts a diverse range of trainings, including, public speaking training, plenty of mock debates, negotiation trainings, seminars and of course mini MUNs. Last year for example, we were given a seminar by the head of Belgium's delegation to the United Nations Security Council Werner Bauwens. We also have our annual members' weekend where we conduct plenty of team-building exercises and have a full 2 day-long mini MUN.

KULMUN Negotiation training

Have a preview of the activities KULMUN partakes in:

Travelling to various MUN conferences

KULMUN sends several delegations to various MUNs big and small, including but not limited to OxiMUN hosted by Oxford University, WORLDMUN hosted by Harvard, BiMUN hosted by the University of Bonn in Germany and many more. Whether you are confident speaking in-front of hundreds or prefer a more in-depth debate with 20 persons there's a conference for everyone of any skill level.



The KU Leuven Model United Nations Online Conference conference 2024 (KULMUN2024) is our organisation's very own annual MUN conference open to both members and non-members. It is Belgium's finest MUN conference and will be taking place from March 5 to March 9. Our conference typically has between 100-150 participants split into committees of 20 delegates on average, allowing for more personal and in-depth debates.

KULMUN2019 closing ceremony


The connection between all participants of our organisation and conference is equally as important as the individuals themselves. For this reason, we put a healthy emphasis on delivering great socials ranging from our members' weekend to the KULMUN galabal.

KULMUN2019 galabal


We hope to see you soon! Contact us if you have any questions!

Our Conference #KULMUN2024

KULMUN Membership Applications 

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