This page will cover the following matters of transportation, accommodation, the agenda and pricing. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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Getting to Leuven

Getting to Leuven by plane:

Option 1, Arriving at Brussels-Zaventem: Zaventem is the closest airport to Leuven.

  • Once you arrive the easiest way to get to Leuven is via train.

  • Purchase your ticket to Leuven and recieve information on timing by visiting the Belgian national railway website:

Option 2, Arriving at Brussels South Charleroi: If you fly with low cost companies, such as Ryanair, there is a big chance that you arrive at the Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

  • Once you have arrived take the shuttle that travels between Charleroi and Zaventem airport

  • Once you have arrived at Zaventem you may take the train from there to Leuven, visit the national railway website for information on timing and pricing:

Getting to Leuven by train:

Leuven is connected to the major Belgian rail lines and so traveling via train from anywhere in Europe may be a viable option. Check Belgium's national railway website for information on timing and pricing:

Getting to Leuven via Flixbus:

There is a Flixbus stopping point right at the Leuven train station. Flixbus is potentially the most cost effective way to get to Leuven but it is often the longest way as well. Visit their website to plan your trip:

Transport in Leuven

Knowing where to go:

Our executive board will guide those who are staying at the IBIS budget hotel and lead them to their committee rooms and to the social events. Those staying in other accommodation will be given all of the necessary addresses, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Getting around on foot:

Leuven is a cosy town and so it's very easy to get around on foot.  Though the IBIS hotel is a 20 minute walk from most of the committee rooms so its best if you wear comfortable foot wear to get around.

Getting around by bus:

The bus network in Leuven is quite developed, so you can take the bus for your commute to the venues. The relevant bus schedules can be found below.


Bought via the ‘De Lijn’ app, a ticket on your phone and includes 10 tickets for 15 euro, each ticket works for one hour. This needs to be activated via the app before getting on the bus.

- sms ticket :

  text DL to 4884

  €2,25 per ticket

- Day pass for 5 days (duration of conference):
€20 needs to be bought before boarding the bus
via eShop or in a sales point

The bus schedules

Keep in mind that it is very likely this page will be updated between now and the conference - for the most up to date information, you can always ask the Executive Committee! The following locations are where the committees will be located:

Romaanse Poort:

A lot of busses go to the Romaanse Poort venue, especially those departing
from the station! Some examples of busses that will bring you to the
Romaanse Poort are: 

  • 317 Leuven - Bert. - Terv. - Kraainem 

  • 370 Diest- Leuven 

  • 7 Bierbeek - Bertem 

  • 334 Aarschot-Leuven

  • 3 Lubbeek - Pellenberg - Leuven 

Your stop is ‘Halte Leuven Sint-Pieterskliniek’ and your commute will take
10 minutes!


Social Sciences Faculty:

Busses going to the Social Sciences Faculty include: 

  • 1 Leuven - Heverlee

  • 4 Herent - Haasrode

You need to get of at Halte Leuven Rustoord Remy and your commute will
take around 15 minutes! 

Collegium Veteranorum:

Busses going to the Collegium Veteranorum is the 2 Kessel-Lo - Heverlee,
your stop is ‘Halte Leuven Sint-Michielskerk’ and your commute will take
around 10



Our accommodation offer

The IBIS Budget hotel:

We offer our participants who do not live in Leuven a stay at IBIS Budget Leuven. The hotel is located very close to the Leuven train and bus station, the walk from the hotel to the conference venues takes about 20 minutes. We will make all the necessary reservations for you if you choose to stay at the IBIS Budget Hotel.


The Executive Committee will pick up delegates and guide them from IBIS Budget to the committee and social venues and will provide delegates staying at the IBIS with the help they need.

Although staying at the IBIS Budget hotel is optional we highly recommend you do as this way our executive board can pick you up at the hotel and guide you to the committee rooms and socials.

Pricing and more info:


Depending on when you arrive we offer several booking options. The package provided by KULMUN includes breakfast, taxes and a triple room. (Please note this does not include the delegate fees)

Formula 1: Sunday 28/02/2021 - Saturday 6/3/2021 - € 170
Formula 2: Sunday 28/02/2021 - Sunday 7/3/2021 - € 195
Formula 3: Monday 1/3/2021 - Saturday 6/3/2021 - € 144
Formula 4: Monday 1/3/2021 - Sunday 7/3/2021 - € 170
Formula 5: Tuesday 2/3/2021 - Saturday 6/3/2021 - € 115
Formula 6: Tuesday 2/3/2021 - Sunday 7/3/2021 - € 140

More info:

Travel tip: make sure that if you take a taxi, you get dropped off at the IBIS BUDGET at the train station, not the IBIS in the city centre!

Ibis, Martelarenlaan 10, 3010 Leuven
016 47 98 80



Delegate fee

Delegate fee:

The delegate fees will be € 100 which will cover:

  • Conference access

  • Coffee breaks

  • Lunch

  • Access to Socials

Please note this fee does not cover transportation to Leuven.

Total cost including accommodation:

If you choose to use our offered accommodation plan the final cost will be between € 215-295 depending on your choice of package.


Our accommodation plan is not compulsory but if you are not a resident of Belgium we highly recommend you to take our offer as this will allow our executive board to pick you up and guide you to your committee sessions and to the social venues.