The secretariat

The secretariat are the two individuals responsible for guiding the content of our conference and our conference managers have taken a great deal of time selecting the best team for the job to ensure our reputation for quality is continued. We would like to introduce our Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-general for KULMUN2020


Amanda Teršar

A 22 year old student of International relations from Slovenia. Her main academic interests are geopolitics, security and defence. Born and raised in Ljubljana, nothing annoys her more than mistaking her for a Slovakian. She has joined the MUN world 4 years ago, and hasn't missed a KulMUN conference since and she is already committed to coming back in 2020. Apart from being an active beer lover she is also a devoted parent of her cat Nana.

Deputy Secretary-General

Yannick Van Bogaert

Yannick is a Belgian military Officer and commander in a reconnaissance platoon of the land component. He completed his master’s degree in Social and Military Sciences at the Royal Military Academy of Brussels in August 2018. Furthermore, he is pursuing an additional master’s degree in Comparative and International Politics at KU Leuven which he is hoping to finish by the beginning of KULMUN2020. He has a keen interest in international politics and diplomacy, specifically in the Eastern European region and topics related to military strategy security and conflict management.


Yannick joined the MUN community in 2016 and has attended numerous MUN sessions throughout Europe. He took part in the last two editions of KULMUN as a delegate and a committee chair respectively. He is now looking forward to returning to KULMUN 2020 as the Deputy Secretary General