The secretariat

The secretariat are the two individuals responsible for guiding the content of our conference and our conference managers have taken a great deal of time selecting the best team for the job to ensure our reputation for quality is continued. We would like to introduce our Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-general for KULMUN2021

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Jaqueline Wendel

A 22 year old political science student from Germany, Jaqueline Wendel is an extremely talented MUN veteran. Having been involved in the MUN world from High school, she quickly grew into an MUN afficionado. Jaqueline was the former vice president of BIMUN/SINUB, the secretary general of MUNUSAL 2019, the chair of the second continental congress of KULMUN 2020, and she has filled many more positions throughout her MUN career. When she isn’t busy with MUN or studying, you can find her baking in her kitchen while singing musical theater songs. So whether you need tips on how to make cupcakes or want a partner with which to sing songs from Hamilton, she will happily help you out.

Deputy Secretary-General

Peter Pelzer

Peter Pelzer is 23 year old student of European law at Maastricht University. A berlin native, Peter discovered the magic of MUN in his home city, falling in love with the diplomatic etiquette of the committee room and the collaborative, and sometimes competitive, spirit of MUN. after that first conference, Peter decided to further pursue an MUN “career”, having performed the roles of Judge, Delegate or Editor-in-chief. He himself is also the former President of the BIMUN/SINUB association, having performed those duties during the same year as Jaqueline’s tenure as Vice-President. Their team dynamic will assure that our conference will run more smoothly than ever.

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