The secretariat

The secretariat are the two individuals responsible for guiding the content of our conference. Ourr conference managers have taken a great deal of time selecting the best team for the job to ensure our reputation for quality is continued. We would like to introduce our Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-general for KULMUN2022!


Ana Victoria Martín Corral

Ana Victoria is a 26-year-old Spaniard from the university town of Salamanca. She was first introduced to the MUN world through her home association: MUNUSAL. Ana Victoria went on to participate in more than 20 conferences all over Europe while completing her medical studies. She also helped organise the 2019 edition of MUNUSAL as President of the association.


At the moment, this seasoned MUN’er is an actual working doctor, pursuing the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the university hospital of León. She is elated to return to KULMUN once more, as she is a big fan of all things Belgian: fries, chocolate, waffles and the great variety of beers available.


In her free time, Ana enjoys going out for tapas (like any self-respecting Spaniard), trying Japanese restaurants, searching for flights to faraway places and any and all excuses to dress up in costume. She is very much looking forward to meeting everyone in Leuven come March, and she will do everything she can to make the upcoming edition of KULMUN one for the history books.

Deputy Secretary-General
Jonas Simorangkir

Jonas Simorangkir is a biology student at the University of Bonn, Germany. Born in Indonesia and growing up in the Philippines, he discovered MUNs in his high school days. Since then, he has taken part in various Asian and European conferences in both online and offline formats. Jonas considers his proudest MUN moment (up until now, since KULMUN 2022 is yet to come around!) to be the successful organization of BIMUN/SINUB 2020 conference as the Association’s Vice President.


Other than MUNing, he is a big fan of everything basketball (be it broadcasted games, live-in-person games, pickup games, video games, fantasy leagues), outdoor activities (after all, he is the son of two foresters), playing the piano (Beethoven!) and simply trying out as many new things as possible. Jonas believes you miss 100% of shots you don’t take.


Not only because of his love for Belgian beer, Jonas is extremely excited to return to KULMUN for the third time around next March and to welcome you all as Ana’s Deputy on what will surely be a fantastic conference!


The Chairs

The chairs are the individuals responsible for guiding your committee during KULMUN 2022.They will support you on your way to research the topics and will make sure that there is a sense of order or decorum during the debates. Don't hesitate to ask them any questions you have about how to MUN, especially if you are new to the process. 

Meet your chairs here! 


Crisis Director
Corentin Larmoire Roussel

Corentin Larmoire Roussel, mostly referred to as Coz, is a French graduate from the University Jaume I in Communidad Valenciana, Spain. He first fell in love with MUNs in 2014 when he started his degrees of Law and Applied languages in Tours, France.


After many years of delegating and chairing, there is nothing else he’d rather do than drive you into crisis during your experience at KULMUN. Being part of MUNs for more than 7 years, he has met fantastic people along the way, and he hopes you will share his excitement during this edition of KULMUN.


 Let us assure you that he will not rest enough to stay sane during this MUN (mostly because of the amazing parties in Leuven…), which will surely have repercussions on the craziness of the crisis he will put you through!


  Nicolas Cardona Townsend

Originally from Bogota, Colombia, Nicolas came to Europe in 2018 to study Mechanical Engineering in Hamburg. Later on, he switched to Economics and moved to the University of Bonn, where he is currently located. Coming from a Latin American country, his native language is Spanish, but he masters German as well as English and he is learning Portuguese.

Nicolas started participating in MUNs at the age of 15 and he joined his high school delegation on a trip to participate in a German conference. He quickly realized how much he enjoyed the MUN atmosphere and has since been a part of over 20 conferences, acting as chair and as member. In 2020, he even joined the Executive Board of BIMUN.


When Nicolas is not studying or participating in an MUN, he can be found jogging or watching any of the many streaming services available.  

KULMUN2022 will be his second conference in Leuven and Nicolas is looking forward to being part of this conference once again! 

  Julian Hurtubia Neitzel

Julian was born in Rome as the oldest child of a Chilean father and a German mother. With 8 years he began his journey through the world as his family moved to Yemen. After having to leave due to the deteriorating situation in the country, Julian moved to Ethiopia and later the Philippines, where he had his first experiences with MUN.


Finally, he came to Karlsruhe in

Germany to begin his studies in Mechanical Engineering.

There he joined MUNIKA, where he is currently a member of its executive board, the treasurer and part of the General Secretariat of KAMUN. Julian holds a Bachelor of Science

and began his graduate studies at the KIT, where he works as a Research Assistant. As an avid arguer, Julian is interested in anything from science and technology to history and

politics. He speaks five languages to various degrees and enjoys reading, wine and coffee.


Chair World Health Organization
    Mariana Rivas 

Mariana is a Venezuelan political science and art history student from the University of Bonn. She has participated in MUNs for the last six years filling positions from delegate to chair and Editor-in-Chief and soon also as the Secretary General of MUNUSAL.


Her heart is strongly biased for BIMUN/SINUB, her home association, nevertheless KULMUN has made itself a big space in it as well, because of its wonderful conference and lovely members. That is why she’s very excited to welcome you to Leuven, for interesting debates and fun socials, in which Kapitein clearly can not be missing. 

Chair World Health Organization
    Ondrej Toloch

Ondrej is a Scottish law and European legal studies graduate with a demonstrated history of working in the public sector. He temporarily served on the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry before joining the Scottish Government in 2019. Ondrej is the Health Workforce Policy Lead and his team feeds into a large spectrum of issues that include recruitment and retention, equality and diversity, clinical safety, and other aspects of workforce experience. 


Ondrej is a keen Netflix binge-watcher and a proper theatre enthusiast. He loves travelling, cooking and reading books, especially sci-fi and fantasy. 


Ondrej believes that MUN is a place where like-minded people can come together, make friends, question their own beliefs, and find their voice. He certainly had a great deal of fun arguing positions, chairing and even organising his own conference. Ondrej is keen to draw on his personal experience to make sure that everybody’s participation in KULMUN 2022 is pleasant, entertaining and memorable!


Neele Hartel

Neele is a 22-year-old student from Germany. She studies political science and sociology at the University of Bonn. There she also got in touch with MUNing for the first time. Currently she is part of the team organizing the 2021 edition of BIMUN/SINUB.


She loves to meet new people and cultures, which is why she loves to travel. After finishing school, she therefore moved to Auckland, where she has a second home ever since and can't wait to visit her kiwi family again after Corona. Following her time there, she traveled through Southeast Asia for two months where she discovered her love for this region. She is looking forward to dive into this region again in the ASEAN committee at KULMUN.


In her free time, she enjoys pursuing creative activities, such as watercoloring, calligraphy, photography, and baking – be aware to get some cookies when you meet her in March.

Daryl Tiago

Daryl studied law at the University of Edinburgh and has spent some time working in professional services. Now that some travel is possible, what did he do? Of course, the first thing he chose was to return to Leuven and take part in KULMUN, again.

He has a long history participating in MUNs and he met many people along the way, between the UK, Ireland, and mainland Europe, and between a smorgasbord of committees. One of the more memorable times was his first KULMUN. Not least because he almost lost his wallet, before the conference even began. Twice.


When he is not doing these conferences, he would be planning where next to travel to. For now, he is happy to daydream about his next adventure, while finding something interesting to watch on Netflix. Daryl is looking forward to chairing ASEAN, and being in the wonderful town that is Leuven. Again.


Chair UNSC
Daria Kisseleva

Daria is pursuing a master’s degree in International Development and International Security. She discovered MUN back in her first year of university in Paris and has been involved for a while now, in every capacity from delegate to Secretariat. Growing up between two countries with fairly different cultures, Daria’s favourite part about MUN is meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and exploring the diversity of points of view.


When she’s not involved in MUN-related activities, you can find Daria in between two aisles at the uni library, or wandering in one of the few green spaces of Paris.

As her MUN journey led her to different places, sometimes different continents, Daria is extremely excited to add Belgium to her list of visited countries and experience KULMUN for the first time!


She is deeply convinced that Model UN can be a great tool to create positive change, and chairing the UNSC alongside Tomas is an honor for her. She is looking forward to meeting everyone in Leuven!

Chair UNSC
Marie-Sophie Boutte

Marie-Sophie is pursuing a master’s degree in European Studies in Maastricht, The Netherlands. She first discovered MUNs in high school and has since taken part in numerous conferences as delegate, chair and organizer. 


MUNs have been a really important part of her journey. They helped her step out of her comfort zone, improve her public speaking skills and her confidence. Now she hopes to be part of such a life-changing experience for her delegates. 


In her free time, Marie-Sophie loves baking, watching tv shows and jumping ridiculously high fences on a horse. Recently she also became a knitting fanatic, so there’s a very real possibility you will see her wearing something she made during the conference.

Amanda photo.jpg

Chair NATO
Amanda Teršar

Amanda is a 25-year-old student from Slovenia. Pursuing her Master’s degree in Peace, Security, Development and International Conflict Transformation she is mostly interested in geopolitical and security issues. She first encountered MUN in her first year of studies, when she joined the MUN Slovenia Club, which eventually became her family. She has attended

several MUN and MEU conferences in the past 6 years and started to perceive them as an important part of her life. Meeting new people, enhancing rhetoric and diplomatic skills, and having the best of fun make up for a perfect combination.


 In her free time Amanda enjoys attending and organising concerts and music festivals, the more alternative and crazy the better. So if small talk gets you nowhere resort to talking about music and you’ve earned yourself a friend. She is also a devoted cat parent and an active beer

lover, and as such super excited about returning to Leuven one more time!

Chair NATO
Ilka Mattes

Ilka Mattes is a political science and law student at the University of Bonn, Germany. She discovered MUNs in her first year of University and immediately became passionate about it. She is part of her home association BIMUN and helped organize BIMUN 2020 as Head of events. The past few years Ilka has partaken in several different conferences online and in-person.


Apart from MUNing Ilka enjoys spending time with friends, baking cakes, cupcakes and everything in between and being active (doing sports such as Krav Maga, running and going for a hike). Other than that, you can often find her reading a book or being in a heated discussion about current issues.

She is looking forward to meeting everyone at the Conference in Leuven and chairing NATO.

Business Photo.jpg

Chair Historical Congress of Berlin
Philippe Lefevre 

Philippe is a recent graduate from the College of Europe in Bruges and a Trainee at the European External Action Service in Brussels. He has been active in MUN for almost five years now and is extremely proud to let KULMUN know that it will be his 50th (and likely last) MUN at KULMUN 2022. In this, he has decided to Chair a conference close to his heart. The Congress of Berlin touches on two major issues both close to his heart, the situation of the Balkans, and the grand strategy of the European continent.


With experience of Crisis and Committees from Kuala Lumpur to New York and all in-between, he will make sure to make this committee a truly unforgettable one for delegates. Outside of MUN (which hardly seems possible), he's an avid classical guitarist and plays badminton!

Chair Historical Congress of Berlin
Jelle Van der Ham

Jelle Willem van der Ham is a 22-year-old student from the Netherlands, where he follows a double degree in Spatial Planning and Political Sciences in Wageningen and Nijmegen. He grew up in South-Africa and the Netherlands and is very internationally minded. It is no surprise therefore that he took a love for politics, diplomacy and MUN’s. He started his MUN career aged only 15 at a small, two-day conference in the Netherlands. By now that number has risen to over 20 conferences, in roles of delegate, chair, and organizer.


 In his free time Jelle’s favorite things to do are everything train-travel related (visiting interesting stations or places, going on long train trips in Europe, planning the next one), reading a good novel (currently reading: The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig and Doba Mjedi by Slobodan Šnajder), putting on a good album on vinyl (obsessed with: everything by Kraftwerk, Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, Making Movies by Dire Straits), going mountainbiking, and watching Formula One. In the future, Jelle aims to work in a European setting, preferably doing something with the politics and policy of spatial planning, properly learn a few more languages, and of course do many more MUN’s. KULMUN 2022 will be only his second, but certainly not his last KULMUN.


Paula Notivoli Cabezas

Paula was born in a small and picturesque village in the Aragonese Pyrenees. After graduating from Global Studies last summer, she is now pursuing a master’s degree in European Studies in Brussels. She has not been able to tear herself away from the fascinating world of MUNs since she discovered it in her home university’s MUN association, Munusal. That is why, following a long personal tradition of having too much to do and then complaining about it, she is now serving her role as President of Munusal from afar and missing the wonderful city of Salamanca. 


In her spare time, she loves trying out new beers (is not Belgium the paradise for this?), sending endless WhatsApp audios, and discovering new books. As Editor-In-Chief, she will make sure you have something to talk about throughout the Conference because if there is one thing she loves, it is gossip.