The secretariat

The secretariat are the two individuals responsible for guiding the content of our conference and our conference managers have taken a great deal of time selecting the best team for the job to ensure our reputation for quality is continued. We would like to introduce our Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-general for KULMUN2021

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Jaqueline Wendel

A 22 year old political science student from Germany, Jaqueline Wendel is an extremely talented MUN veteran. Having been involved in the MUN world from High school, she quickly grew into an MUN afficionado. Jaqueline was the former vice president of BIMUN/SINUB, the secretary general of MUNUSAL 2019, the chair of the second continental congress of KULMUN 2020, and she has filled many more positions throughout her MUN career. When she isn’t busy with MUN or studying, you can find her baking in her kitchen while singing musical theater songs. So whether you need tips on how to make cupcakes or want a partner with which to sing songs from Hamilton, she will happily help you out.

Deputy Secretary-General

Peter Pelzer

Peter Pelzer is 23 year old student of European law at Maastricht University. A berlin native, Peter discovered the magic of MUN in his home city, falling in love with the diplomatic etiquette of the committee room and the collaborative, and sometimes competitive, spirit of MUN. after that first conference, Peter decided to further pursue an MUN “career”, having performed the roles of Judge, Delegate or Editor-in-chief. He himself is also the former President of the BIMUN/SINUB association, having performed those duties during the same year as Jaqueline’s tenure as Vice-President. Their team dynamic will assure that our conference will run more smoothly than ever.

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The Chairs

These are the individuals responsible for guiding your committee during KULMUN 2021. They will guide you on your way to research the topics and will make sure that there is a sense of order or decorum during the debates. Don't hesitate to ask them any questions you have about how to MUN, especially if you are new to MUN



Ondrej Toloch

Hi everyone,

My name is Ondrej and I am originally from the Czech Republic. I am a law graduate with a demonstrated history of working in the public sector. I temporarily served as a Research Assistant with the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry before joining the Scottish Government as a Client Support Adviser where I currently support delivery of Covid-19 critical services. 

On a personal level, I love travelling because it gives me the opportunity to explore cultures and taste new and often unexpected dishes, which compliments rather nicely my passion for cooking. I also enjoy reading books, especially sci-fi and fantasy where I can freely roam the vast kingdoms of magic, mystery and creativity. I am also a keen Netflix binge-watcher.

MUN, to me, is a place where like-minded people can come together, make friends, question their own beliefs and find their voice. I certainly had a great deal of fun arguing positions (Prague Student Summit, Yale Model Government Europe, Bratmun, etc.), chairing (Munapest) and even organising my own conference as a Deputy Secretary General (UkraineMUN). I am keen to draw on my personal experience to make sure that your participation in KULMUN 2021 is pleasant, entertaining and memorable!


Ricardo Alfaro

My name is Ricardo, I am originally from El Salvador. I have been living in Belgium for the past few years. I am currently studying international politics in KU Leuven. 

I was in my first year of university when I decided to do my first MUN which was a great experience and improved my negotiating skills. 

Since then, I have been the president of the United Nation Youth Association Brussels, collaborate in the diplomatic mission of El Salvador to the European Union and Work in humanitarian projects in cooperation with UN in Geneva. 

During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and water polo, visiting art galleries, dance tango,  and traveling, global pandemic permitting. I also like to try food from all around the world!



Raoul Cardellini

My name is Raoul Cardellini. I’m a 24-year-old half italian and half german Law student that has recently decided to shift from being a delegate to chairing. I study at the University of Perugia, in Italy, but have spent a semester in Leuven as part of the Erasmus experience. In those six months I decided to try and join the KULMUN association, which I was lucky enough to get into, and this got me back into MUNs, an activity I had discovered in 2016. I haven’t stopped trying to integrate MUNs in my daily life since. Despite having left Leuven, I came back to attend the KULMUN 2020 edition, and had already decided I would try to come back in the next edition as a Chair, which (apparently) I managed to do. I am extremely passionate about debating and international politics, as well as interacting with people, thus MUN is my ideal activity. Besides the obvious hopes for fruitful debates and a great conference, I am really looking forward to this year’s edition of KULMUN, and can’t wait to meet everyone!


Adelaida Rojas Lleras

I am Adelaida Rojas Lleras and I will be one of your chairs in the African Union Assembly. I am a Colombian student that currently lives in France. I am a Master’s senior in Economy and Statistics Applied for Development and Population in the University of Bordeaux. I’ve been doing MUN’s since I was in high school and sadly I believe KULMUN will be one of my lasts. During all these MUN years, I got to know amazing people full of passion on their studies and willing to work for a better future. At the same time, I have got the chance to integrated my academic, professional and MUN lives together, and travelled around the world doing so. I enjoy being a little mysterious, but at the end I will be always available if you need me and I’ll answer you with a smile.



Julian Schneider

I am 22 years old and from Germany. I am currently doing my master’s in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations University and Maastricht University. Before that I have done my bachelor’s in Biology also at Maastricht University. I started MUNing in 2018 at EuroMUN in Maastricht and then joined my association UNSA Maastricht. There I have been part of the Permanent Delegation and part of the EuroMUN 2020 secretariat. Now, I am the Secretary General of EuroMUN 2021. I have been a delegate at 9 conferences, chaired at 3 and been Crisis staff at one more. Having tried all ways to get involved in MUN, I really do not have much of a preference and enjoy being a delegate, chair and organizer equally. With me as your chair you can expect the committee to be very orderly and productive, but also to have the strongest meme meet everyone!


Pavly Hany

Hello! My name is Pavly, a 24-year-old human from Egypt. I’m currently doing a Masters in Physics, with a minor in Astronomy, at KU Leuven, and so I’ve been a member of KULMUN for a year now. Evidently, Science and Technology have always fascinated me, but so did MUNing when I started it 3 years ago; hence why I’m excited about chairing this fabulous mixture of the two realms. I’ve acquired a lot of experiences as a delegate, and as a chair through those years, but it’s amazing how each and every one of them was unique in the sense of what it taught me and how I felt afterwards. Through this committee, I’m eager to explore -with you, honorable delegates- the extent of the potential collaboration between STEM and the international politics, and the benefits of that on the global development.



Ana Maria Buttkus Ocampo

Hi there! I’m Ana! I have a bachelor’s in international law and I successfully completed the first German law state exam last summer. Currently, I live in the beautiful – though very rainy – city of Münster.
Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, I moved to Germany seven years ago to pursue my studies. Living in a culture different from my own has given me the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and appreciate the value of diversity and
constructive dialogue.

I’ve been participating in MUN since high school. I’ve been a delegate, a chair and a member of the executive committee several times in many different conferences.
These experiences have had a great impact in my life and played a definitive role in my
career choices. What keeps me passionate about MUN is to see how people with different interests are willing to work together to achieve a common goal.
In my free time I volunteer for initiatives that promote intercultural exchange, such as ELSA or the project “flying home for the elderly”. I love reading Latin American literature, traveling and skating.


Petr Marek

Hello, my name is Petr and I come from the Czech Republic. I currently live in Prague, where I pursue my Master’s degree in International Politics and Diplomacy at the Prague University of Economics and Business. I entered the world of MUN around 3 years ago and since then have been participating on numerous conferences and simulations as a delegate, chair, and organizer. In my free time I like to play volleyball, computer games and airsoft, together with enjoying a good book.

Looking forward to meeting all of you at the KULMUN 2021 conference!

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Council of Europe

Mohammed Babiker

My name is Mohammed Babiker, and I'm currently a student of Economic Data Analysis at the University of Economics, Prague. Born in Britain, raised in Sudan and studying most of my childhood in Saudi Arabia, I've been around the world from a very early age. During my first committee as a delegate I displayed a fiery passion for leadership, so much so that I ended up being told off by the chairs to “stop trying to chair the committee”, and I've been chairing committees hard ever since. During my time in university I've participated in, organised and won many debate contests. When I'm not arguing with someone, I like to spend my free time reading novels and playing league of legends with my friends.

Council of Europe

Marianna Rivas

My name is Mariana Rivas. I’m a 20 years old Political Science and Art History student at the University of Bonn where I'm also a member of my university’s association, BIMUN/SINUB. MUNing has been a big part of my life for the past five years: I’ve had the pleasure of attending various conferences in the roles of delegate, ExCom and chair. Last year I discovered KULMUN and as I fell in love with the city, the people and obviously also the conference, I am very happy to be part of next year’s edition. I am looking forward to seeing you in March for all the fruitful debate, fun socials and wonderful experiences with new and good old friends. Personal suggestion: bring your dancing shoes to dance to KULMUN's signature song Kaptein! Don’t worry they will teach you the choreography.

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General Conference

Philippe Lefevre

Hello, my name is Philippe and I'm very excited to be your Chair for this very special committee at KULMUN 2021. I'm a postgrad student at the College of Europe in Bruges studying IR and Diplomacy and before that I was in the lovely city of Leuven for my masters, where I first got involved with KULMUN. My experience with MUN has been varied and obsessive, with over 40 conferences to date, and KULMUN being one of my favourite! Outside of my addition to MUN I’m also co-president of the Young Diplomats Association at the College of Europe and Chairman of the Institute for a Greater Europe, a youth-led think tank dedicated to research on wider European affairs and Europe’s place in the world. I’m certain that this year's KULMUN will be an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to meet all of you in Leuven (hopefully)  and have a great time. 

General Conference

Leonie Quentenmeier

My name is Leonie and I am a 25 year-old student from Germany. I currently study Political Sciences and Arab Studies, but I already have a bachelors degree in social work. MUNing has been part of my life since 2016 and since then I have participated in different roles in numerous MUNs. Besides working, studying and MUNing, I preferably fill my remaining time with concerts, music festivals or being an extra at our local theatre. As these activities have been quite limited for the last few months, I rediscovered my passion for reading especially distopian and fantasy novels and found out that I also like comics.
This will be my fifth time at KULMUN and I am really looking forward to being a chair person for the General Conference Committee.



Lucas Wagener

My name is Lucas and I was born and raised in the city of Bremen in northern Germany and decided to move to my mother’s hometown of Bonn after finishing school. There I study the science of media and communication since 2017. Quite early I came in contact with BIMUN/SINUB through my roommate and since then participated in many MUNs as a delegate and journalist and was part of the EXCom of the BIMUN conference of 2019. I am overly excited for KULMUN 2021 and can’t wait to be your Vice-Editor in Chief and share a conference full of great articles, hilarious memes and exciting gossip with you. Besides MUNing I enjoy doing theatre and making short movies as a hobby. Furthermore I have a big interest in History and politics. Looking forward to meeting you all!


Jonas Simorangkir

Hi there! My name is Jonas Simorangkir. I am a student at the University of Bonn, Germany. Coming from Indonesia and growing up in the Philippines, I discovered my passion for MUNs in high school, and ever since then, I have taken part in many different conferences, both online and physical, playing many different roles: Delegate, Chair, Crisis Director, Under-Secretary-General, President of the GA,…; in short, I have not been able to get rid of the MUN bug up until now. Aside from my passion for MUNs and serving my role as Vice President of BIMUN/SINUB (a partner Association, and might I say, good friends of KULMUN!), my main task being to prepare for the amazing online edition of our conference in November 2020, I am a big fan of basketball, outdoor activities, reading and of course: cold beer and rap music at the end of a long day. As Editor-In-Chief working with my incredible vice Lucas, I am here to elevate the Media Team into a major part of the conference! (and to make unforgettable memes, of course) Trust me, you will not lose track of us. Newswire – SPAN DIE SEILE!