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The KULMUN Association

What is KULMUN?

The KU Leuven Model United Nations Student Association, better known as KULMUN is an independent student association in Leuven. Founded in 2010 by a small group of MUN enthusiasts, KULMUN offers trainings and simulations to both Belgian and international students of the Catholic University of Leuven. KULMUN strives to promote the values of the United Nations, to increase public awareness about topics which have an impact on and stimulate active citizenship among students. Furthermore, the association aims to provide its motivated members with a set of useful skills  to develop their potential in diversified areas, such as public speaking, debating and negotiating.

Hereto, we organize monthly workshops and realistic political simulations and travel abroad to attend international MUN conferences, where one gets the unique opportunity to have fascinating discussions, expand their area of interest and explore global cultural diversity while meeting people from all over the world. Apart from introducing students to the world of MUN, we encourage an atmosphere of friendship within the KULMUN society by organizing social events and team building activities. Serious and ambitious, with a lot of fun, to gain experiences and friendships to carry with us for the rest of our lives.

Although its first meetings were held in a small storage room, KULMUN has, over the years, grown into a fully-fledged student association of over 50 active members and an ever increasing alumni network. As of 2017 its members have attended over 25 different international MUN Conferences and achieved to gain over 120 awards while participating at those. Moreover, KULMUN has since 2011 hosted its own KULMUN Conference of which the last edition attracted over 150 delegates from more than 20 countries. The ninth edition of the KULMUN Conference will take place from 4-9 March 2018.

Missions & Values

Mission Statement 
KULMUN Student Association has been set up to enhance professional skills in the field of negotiation and public speaking by offering a high qualitative and secure learning environment open to all students of the K.U. Leuven. This environment is created around the international known format of Model United Nations.

We promote the values of the United Nations, wish to increase public awareness on topics which have importance on an international level and to stimulate active citizenship among youth, to help strengthen the relations between the civil society and national and international authorities, to disseminate the democratic values.

Our 4 Core Values

1. Quality
For us, quality is the standard that we approach.
We act after a well thought consideration and a decent preparation. It means a stunning first impression and a satisfying second. All this can only be achieved by working hard, good communication with and between all actors, and keeping our goals realistic.

2. Professionalism
Being a student association doesn’t mean to us that professionalism is out of order. We are driven by ambition and result oriented. We believe in our competences and in those of our members and approach every challenge at a professional manner.

3. Being a Group
We find the atmosphere within the team very important. We consider it as a strength to be an association with members with different nationalities and different educational backgrounds. A good atmosphere helps us grow, developing our skills and stimulates the passionate attitude we expect from all our members. The group is a reason to go further and is a reason to look back. KULMUN is more than an organization facilitating debate and improvement of your skills; we connect, unite, share, celebrate… together.

4. Fun
Serious, but with sparkling eyes. Ambitious, with a smile that embraces our engagement. The fun factor may never be too far away. KULMUN is a body that should give energy, a place where one goes to with excitement. We just know that learning can be fun; we do it all the time.