The KU Leuven Model United Nations Student Association, better known as KULMUN, is an independent student association in Leuven that fosters the values of the United Nations and active citizenship in the atmosphere of friendship. Besides activities for and by our members, we also host our own conference since 2011 that attracted over 250 delegates from more than 28 countries. Be sure to discover our adventures !

In the Spotlight

The KULMUN board and secretariat would once again like to thank all participants for their enthousiasm and engagement in this year’s conference. We had a blast and we hope you had too. Be sure that we will meet again !

Pictures taken by the photographers during the conference will be posted in the
2019 Conference Facebook-group

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(KUL)MUN Testimonials

I believe that KULMUN promotes the values of peace, justice and human rights set out by the United Nations and the European Union in their daily life. (…) I hope that KULMUN will be supported by many others, in order to ensure its further continuation and development.

Herman Van Rompuy - Former President of the European Council,

International Politics are often only a source of remote concern. KULMUN helps inciting students’ interest in foreign affairs, allowing them to discover the motivations and opinions of both small and large nations in an active manner.

Alexander De Croo - Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium,

Model United Nations Conferences are a meeting place for many motivated students. (…) Participants will receive the opportunity to put theory into practice. They will get to know international mechanisms of international co-operation and diplomacy, such as peaceful conflict resolution, negotiation and consensus building.

Eva Brems - Senior lecturer in human rights and non-Western law at Ghent University,

The world’s nations are growing more and more interdependent. This especially holds true for the modern challenges they are facing: they all require a truly international approach to be tackled successfully. This is why I salute the efforts and activities of KULMUN, bringing together proactive and inspired young students in an international setting.

Pieter De Crem - Belgian Minister of Security and the Interior,