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KULMUN Members Page

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The Hub

Everything you need right here. The calendar lists all upcoming events, the Bulletin Board has all important announcements and offerings, the Delegations section lists information on all available conferences we send delegations to and finally we have a suggestions box.

Bulletin Board

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Here you will find all upcoming events so you don't lose track. We will also include any opportunities for members to get more involved ! If you'd like something added to the bulletin board contact the PR manager.


Applications are now open! Find the information below on how to apply to BiMUN.


PragueMUN applications will be opening soon. 

Membership Fees

The deadline for the membership fees is the 31st of October. More information can be found below. 

Members weekend

Registrations are opening soon! More information below!

Group meetups

We will be creating groups of 4 so everyone can meet new people in person while remaining corona proof!

Suggestion box

Fill in the suggestion box if you have any ideas. Find the link above.


Membership fee

Please don't forget to pay for your membership fee! An email will be sent to you with payment instructions. For any questions contact our treasurer Lori.

Price: 15€

Deadline: 31st of October


Members weekend

Members weekend is a get away trip for our members to participate in a two day long mini MUN conference and more importantly to get to know each other and have a good time! It is very important that you attend members weekend as it is an integral part to your KULMUN experience. The deadline to register was originally set to the 26th of October but we are extending this deadline and will announce the new date soon.

Due to the Corona crisis there is a degree of uncertainty regarding this years members weekend. Currently the location, activities and format are subject to change, all updates will be communicated to you via email on our face book page and right here. For any questions contact either Emily or Wendy.

Date: 13th-15th November

Registrations opening soon...

Price: 50

Payment method: Once you register you will receive an email with payment instructions.

Emily Reyes Email:

Wendy Dewit Email:


Group meetups!

As you are well aware due to the corona crisis there aren't many opportunities to get to know each other in a physical setting. But we want to give you the opportunity to do so while remaining corona proof. 

We have decided to create groups of 4 random members  who can come together and meetup for any outdoor activity of their choice, whether it be a picnic with hot chocolate and wine or a walk in the park, its up to you so you can be creative! One of the group members will be assigned as the leader who will get in contact with everyone and ensure the activity is corona compliant. These are the current rules:

-Outdoor activities can be done in groups of 4 at most!

-As long as social distancing is respected and masks are worn these 4 persons do not count to your bubble and there is no need for a 2 week waiting period.

-The activity must be outdoors!!!

But we understand some might not feel comfortable meeting up in person so we will as give the option to join an online only group who will organize an activity virtually. Please fill in the following form to inform us whether you'd like to meet physically or online. Contact Wendy if you have any questions.

The suggestion box

If you have anything you'd like to share with us anonymously don't hesitate to use the submission box at the bottom of this page! You may use it to share ideas or make suggestions on how we can improve our activities!



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Here you will find the conferences we send official delegations to, more information on these conferences will be coming soon. Remember you are not limited to attending these conferences, as well as this if you have a suggestion for a conference we could add to this list contact Lennert.


Date: November 20th - 22nd 2020

Format: Online

Price: 5€






Approximate date: February

Format: TBA

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Price: 200€-250€


Approximate date: April

Format: TBA

Location: Salamanca, Spain

Price: TBA


Approximate date: June

Format: TBA

Location: Ljubljana, Slovania

Price: TBA


BiMUN has always been a favorite among members, however this year the conference will be taking place online.  Please email  or message Lori to confirm your registration.

DATE: 20th November - 22nd November

Format: Online

Price: 5 €

Head delegate: Lori Poçi

Email for registration:



KULMUN first began attending PragueMUN last year and we had a very positive experience. We can definitely say the stories that came out of PragueMUN were the wildest. The conference was well organized and the socials were great! Good debates, cool venues, amazing parties, whats not to like!


At this moment PragueMUN is planning a physical conference however this may be subject to change. Registrations for the conference will be opening soon and the refund policy in the event that the conference is cancelled or moved online will be communicated soon as well.

DATE: 7th February - 11th February

Format: TBA

Price: Around 250 €

Head delegate: Ward Wuyts

Email for registration:

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Suggestion Box

Submit any suggestion you might have about things we could change or possible activities we could organize.

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