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The Hub

Everything you need right here. The calendar lists all upcoming events, the Bulletin Board has all important announcements and offerings, the Delegations section lists information on all available conferences we send delegations to and finally we have a suggestions box.

Bulletin Board


Here you will find all upcoming events so you don't lose track. We will also include any opportunities for members to get more involved ! If you'd like something added to the bulletin board contact the PR manager.


Apply  for the damn conference and share the posts. Seriously it helps allot and we really appreciate it.

1st and 2nd wave

1st wave of applications are open until December 4th, and the 2nd is open from the 16th of December to the 16th of January.

Aula presentations

Help us make presentations at your classes to promote our conference, more details below.

Humans of KULMUN

Help poor old Kean figure out more stories for the Humans of KULMUN posts, Thanks <3


We have opportunities for older members to participate in the VVN MUN training activities.

Chistmas party

Our annual KULMUN Christmas party is fast approaching happening on the 10th, more details incoming.

Suggestion box

Fill in the suggestion box if you have any ideas. Find the link above.

Aula presentations

We plan on doing aula presentations to promote the conference, if you know a class we could do a presentation in or if you'd like to do one yourself you will need to do the following.

  • Choose a suitable class taking place between now till December 4th or between December 16th-21st

  • Email Laura or Kean the name of the class, the time and the professor's contact details.


  • If you want to present contact us and we will give you the go ahead and we will send you the power point and talking points.

If you want to help you can contact Laura or Kean through facebook or email at laura.dumont@kulmun.be or kean.ooi@kulmun.be.

Humans of KULMUN

If you have a fun, cute, stupid, romantic story from KULMUN or at any MUN conference share it. The story is supposed to be informal but like don't talk about how you had a five-way with the Secretary General and 3 other chairs.

You don't need to write the full story if you don't want to, just message Kean with your story and he'll write it up for you.






Here you will find the conferences we send official delegations to, more information on these conferences will be coming soon. Remember you are not limited to attending these conferences, as well as this if you have a suggestion for a conference we could add to this list contact Lennert.


This conference has passed

Takes place in Oxford


This conference has passed

Takes place in Bonn Germany


This conference has passed

Takes place in Reading UK


This conference has passed

Hamburg Germany


This Conference has passed

Takes place in Prague Czech Republic


This conference is coming soon

Takes place in Salamanca Spain

More information coming


This Conference is coming soon

Takes place in Berlin Germany

More information coming

Suggestion Box


Submit any suggestion you might have about things we could change or possible activities we could organize.